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Hi all
Hello, as you've probably guessed my name is Adam. I live in the Highlands and have driven past the Common many times seeing you guys out there enjoying your aircraft. I thought I'd request access to this forum to find out more.

I'm new to the hobby but have been doing some background reading and am learning the basic terminologies in the process. I ended up buying a foam LiPo Stinson Reliant SR-10 which I thought would make a good trainer and a Mode 2 Spektrum transmitter:

[Image: PKZ5280.jpg][Image: dx6i-glamour.png]

I decided on Mode 2 (rudder and throttle on the left), because "according to Google" it apparently makes life easier if you also want to move on to flying helicopters. I don't have any immediate aspirations to do that, but you never know...

The Reliant hasn't had a maiden flight yet... not until I've gained some expert advice, which is where I hope your club can help. Do you have anybody in the club who can help with training?
Hi Adam,

Don't drive past, drive in and say g'day!

One of the members present will introduce you to a Committee member who can give you all the info you'll need to join the Club and the benefits attached with membership.

We have two MAAA certified instructors who train and test and along with the other members would be more than willing to ensure you achieve as much enjoyment from the 'modelling game' as we all do.

We can not, unfortunately, permit Free Flight because of the field size restrictions (proximity of built up areas) but all other disciplines are catered for. I'm not sure about helicopters, best to ask a Committee person.

Hope to see you at the field soon,
Hi Adam,

Welcome to the forum (and hopefully the club).

I'm one of the instructors, although I haven't been out to the field much lately. Pete (above) is another instructor.

I'll have to say straight up that I fly Mode 1 (Throttle and Ailerons on the right). So I'm not sure how we'd go about flying together. We might be able to set up the buddy box so it all works out. Pete might actually fly both modes (is that right Pete?) Either way I'm sure we'll get you up and flying in no time.

I'm away at the moment but will be back on Friday. If you're around at lunch time Friday perhaps we could meet up out at the field and have a look over your gear, otherwise some time on the weekend. Even if the weather is no good you can have a look around and have a chat about where to go from here.

Talk to you soon,
Hi Adam,


PS wrong Pete Colin. Tongue
There are too many Pete's in this club! ;-)

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