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Hello to all
Just joined the club (put my first post in the wrong area) anyway, I'm Geoff, moved to East Bowral recently and am going to rekindle my model flying hobby. I have 2 aircraft (Hustler and a World Star). My Hustler was built around 1990 and had 3 flights before circumstances intervened. My workshop is fairly comprehensive with machines for both wood & metal. I am a retired Toolmaker/Tool designer with 15 years in the electronics industry (Philips)
I look forward to meeting all members down at the field. P.S. keen to do some midweek flying (need Goldwing) until I get accredited. Cheers for now.
Pleased to have met you on Sunday last, know a bit more about you now. When convenient send me your email address and or 'Phone no. and I will contact you when mid-week flying is possible.

Cheers, Allen O'Toole (President)
aotoole Senior member

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