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Flying weekend 15-16 Oct
What a great days flying was had today, a good roll up of members for a Friday also.
Stupidly when I was looking at the weather for the weekend I had my phone on Adelaide & therefore was giving everyone incorrect wind speed.
I'm now back on Bowral settings & things don't look as bad.
9am WNW 14.3kph
10am WNW 14.6kph
11am WNW 15.9kph
noon 16.7 WNW 16.7kph
1pm WNW 17.6kph
9am NNW 22kph
10am NNW 21.5kph
11am NW 23.1kph
noon NW 26.7kph
then increasing as the afternoon progresses
Certainly not the best flying for Sunday but certainly better than the ridiculous Adelaide winds I was sprouting out earlier. Saturday certainly looks the better of the two.

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