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Flying Monday 24th
Weather looks OK for Monday, is anyone able to fly say 10-10:30 am? ....cheers Geoff
Would have been there tomorrow but have family issues at present. Hope you get some starters.
OK, is anybody able to fly after lunch today ? or is it down the oval for a solo session while avoiding the ranger!
I'm available tomorrow (Wednesday)
Angel I would like to fly on Wed. the wind forecast is not too hopeful however. Let's see what tomorrow morning brings.
aotoole Senior member
Sounds like a plan, lets see what the wind does, maybe earlier than later...cheers
Hi guys, just returned from South Aust staying with Pete B. We had a great time & his clubs flight strip is 30 acres with another 70 acres to fly over. Neat eh?
Winds for Wednesday & Thursday look pretty ordinary but Friday shows winds around 9kph at 11am. With this in mind we will try & mow late Thursday afternoon so the strip is pristine for Friday & the weekend.
I have a problem though in that I'm without a car again on Friday, if anyone can give me a lift to the field with a plane or 2 that would be much appreciated. Just give me a ring or a post if anyone can help.
Winds aren't the best and I have arranged for an Electritian to "maybe" turn up today.

I'm good for Friday but will confirm Thursday arvo as well.
Wind has already picked up here, so I think I'll wait till Thurs/ Friday. "Maybe the electrician" will turn up, but then again.........
I just know he will call Friday just as i get to the field lol...

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