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Flying June long weekend 10-12
A break in the recent rain has enabled the strip, pit area & car park to be mown today in readiness for the long weekend.
There are a few wet areas that you need to know about;
* the track has water in the usual places, use common sense in the drive down.
* just as you enter the car park there is water laying about, please avoid & park in a dry area.
* the strip is excellent, however there is a wet area as you leave the taxi way on to the strip. If still there on the weekend it might be advisable to carry aircraft out.
* if you put a plane into the long grass you should have boots as the area is quite damp.

Weather conditions for the 3 days don't look too bad, with Monday being the pick of them all.

I'll be at the field each day (weather permitting) from around 10am.

Charge batteries, check fuel & make the most of the long weekend.

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