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Flying weekend 12-13 August
Fortunately there was a fine turn out of members last Wednesday afternoon in sunny & warm conditions for some flying.
This weekend tends to be something completely different however.
Although there may be sunshine & 14-15 degree temps on both days, the wind once again appears to be the killer.
Saturday has winds forecast at 35 kph W & remaining high all day.
Sundays forecast is winds at 21 kph WSW at 11am, dropping to 17kph WSW around 2pm.
Unless there is a drastic change, I won't be there on the Saturday but will possibly be there Sunday from around 10.30am to see if it is flyable.
With the winds again from the west it may be advisable to fly hand launched aircraft from the circle, which has been mown this week.
Sunday is looking much better now, with calmer winds after 9am for the day.

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