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Flying weekend 19-20 August
Believe it or not the BOM indicates that we should get 1 days flying this weekend.
I think you can discount Saturday with winds around 30kph nearly all day.
Sunday however, they state winds at 10am from SSW at 9kph, 1pm winds from SSW at 4kph & at 4pm 4kph from the WSW. Other weather sites vary slightly but I'll stick with the BOM.
Although it should be sunny, temp range in the middle of the day is from 8-12, so dress accordingly.
For me it's definitely Sunday so I'll charge batteries on Saturday & be at the field around 9.30am.
A recent check of the field shows a lot of duck poo on the strip, so bring some rags to clean it out of your tyres or the belly of your plane if it as a hand launch.
Mr. Bairnsfather, as usual your update of conditions for the weekend is much appreciated, even down to the warnings about duck s....poo.

Many thanks, Dodgy O'Tooligan.
aotoole Senior member
Duck poo shouldn't be a problem, most of it will have blown up to The Briars!
The problem always with posting a forecast 48 hours ahead is that conditions will change and this is one such case.
Wind speed has increased slightly to 10-12kph nearly all day but is now from due south. A couple of other websites still has it showing at 7kph.
I strongly recommend that you stick your head out the door Sunday morning & come to your own conclusion.
The wind speed is still extremely flyable & the direction straight up the strip, just perfect.
When the opportunity to fly presents itself take it up  as conditions can change overnight.
Hope to see you at the field Sunday.

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