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Engine Sound Module - ESS One+ 2017

So I went looking for some RC sound modules and have stumbled on both a problem and a solution for the SENSE Innovation product below.

This product Sense ESS One+ 2017 looked like a way to go. It can be found for $90 AUD here and there. With the usb connector, it can download, currently 13 aircraft sounds for free and no login or registration required. 2 model sounds can loaded at a time and also has an AUX channel for gun/horn for each. To be clear, 2 sounds (Engine and AUX) per model and 2 models loaded in unit at a time.

The problem I found out after arriving was that it is actually for vehicle/car/trucks only. There are heaps of vehicle sounds, so if you're into RC cars, this looks great. If you read the description (- Intelligent state tracking compensation, similar to the real vehicle, aircraft, the movement of sound), this is not made very clear and has the word aircraft in it. There is a ESS-AIR module I found out later, but no one that I can find in the world actually has it.

So now I'm talking to the dealer about returning it and getting a refund, but a National holiday in china is on and can't get to me until the 10th Oct... Had a look around at other options but with limited sounds loaded and the $150-250USD this was not looking like a good option but the delay gave me time to play with it one more time. Without this bit of luck, I don't think I would have found out trucks can fly.

The software that loads the sound on the device is called 'RCPlus' and has a sound editor that you can grab a sound file and convert to install into the AUX. Sounded good but didn't work for me. Not sure about that issue but did get me to go find the files I made and the downloaded plane/car engine sounds.

So this is the good part. In the folder was a XML file and being curious, I opened it up to peek. If you aren't aware, it is a text type file that is used to programme instructions. It's all in clear english and while you don't need to actually understand it, you can see a clear pattern. Not only did I get aircraft sound files, I also got car sounds when first playing with it. These file/code names are written into the XML file. I could see a designation matching car sound with the word "vehicle" (<meta key="product" value="vehicle" />) and the plane sound with "aircraft" (<meta key="product" value="aircraft" />) . The RCPLUS will not install plane sounds into the ESS One+ but cars work fine. WHAT IF I change the designation from "aircraft" to "vehicle"?

Yep, it worked. Hacked the code and now this module will purr a P-47 or Spitfire for me. Idle up, throttle up and sputter to a stop.

If you would like any assistance with this let me know.

RC and models make you think and keeps you on your toes. Never say no when the odds are down.

Hoping to have it at the field soon for a show and hear  Cool
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Link to the aircraft module that I have just been told, was under development update and has just been released.

They said " Exactly, we sold this product before. But we found that we can optimize this product in many aspects, so we stopped to manufacture this product until we finish the optimization last month. So it is a new product, and the price is the same.
Now, facebook is the unique way to buy this product officially. And other RC websites or stores will sell this product gradually."

ESS AIR 2017 - facebook link

Sense - Web site link to product

Says it's 90 grams per speaker and not even sure you get 1 or 2 and there is no indication of overall weight, which you might think would be important for an aircraft! Shipping weight is 255 grams. "More than 20 auxiliary sounds such as machine gun and airborne bomb." which I can't find available. There are 4 gunfire sounds only. (Bernie - the ME-262 jet sound is pretty nice). Click the Sense Web site link then go top right to 'Resources', then Aircrafts or components to view what is available. You can not actually hear the sound from the web site unfortunately but you can D/L the RC+ software and then play them. It's free and easy.

Except I can't buy the damn thing as I don't use facebook (not what I call it but keeping it civil...) but could get via someone I know. Check out seems to show $99 (not 100% sure that it's AUD) with $1 shipping to Australia!! If any one can confirm, it would be appreciated.
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Gotta love the people that market and manage this stuff. Here's my recent query and the response...

Me - "Your Facebook post for the ESS AIR says "More than 20 auxiliary sounds such as machine gun and airborne bomb." but there are only 4 aux sound for aircraft in the RC+/resources. Why is that, is there a mistake?

The pictures in FB also have broken links.

What is the total weight of this system, un-boxed as I found only shipping weight. A good thing to know if installing into a plane.

Third channel? So you have throttle and 2 AUX channels? Great if you do but not very clear.

The price shows $99 plus $1 shipping to Australia. It however is not clear to me if that is in Australian dollars or US. Also, so you know as I non FB user I cannot buy this product but will have to get it via a registered friend. Maybe you could make a buy now link on your web page?

BTW, most users of RC aircraft now use the XT60 connectors as the T-connector(Deans plug) are now out of fashion.

Thank you for helping me out with this info, as I would like to help spread the word around as I think it is a great product and well priced. Just wish it was easier for me to buy it."

Reply - "Many thank for your advice!
Sorry for that mistake, we will fix the description on facebook soon. We will add the aux sounds gradually. And you can make the AUX sound from your favorite sound by WAV format.
The weight of one speak is 90.2g. The weight of Ess Air device is less than 10g.
The third channel is meaning the AUX channel. There is only one AUX channel. One aux channel can be installed two aux sounds. You can trigger the two aux sounds asynchronously by a three segments trigger.
The price show is in US dollars. Because of our marking strategy, we do not set the buy now link on our web page, very sorry.
Your advice about XT60 connectors is very well, I will deliver your advice to R&D department.
Thank you for admiring our product and giving your valuable advice!"

So a product over hyped (out right lied about what it can do) - amazing, who would have thought! The price from them for the ONE+ is also $99US but I got it on fleebay for $90 AUD so might be worth a wait for it to be more readily available with a better price point, but who wants to wait...

Also I figure weight is 2 speakers (yes it does come with 2), processor unit and wiring to be about 195g all up. The ONE+ is about 90g but you have to get the sound out of the plane and the 'AIR' transducers are great with a foam mounting once you figure out the extra weight/CG mounting points.
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Here is a video link to the P-40N with the ONE+ in action.

Google+ Laz link to P-40N
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