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Flying w/end 21-22 Oct & BBQ
Winds look good for both Saturday & Sunday flying.

The rain today means that mowing can not be one but it is planned to do it around 9am Sat morning. This means that flying should start say by 11am. Do come earlier by all means, there may be a mower for you to jump on or you could set up the field equipment.

On Sunday there will be the usual BBQ ($5pp). This is a great time for members to mingle at the Clubhouse & raise/suggest any concerns or improvements to the club.

By the way we need a working bee shortly to lay a few courses of bricks. Anyone with any skills whatsoever would be more than welcome to share the work. Watch this space for more details.
Have lots of landscape tools that are willing to help and half a back to swing them, so keep me informed about the bricks.

Sorry I can't make Sunday as I have tickets bought 6 months ago to the circus. Also glad only Graham saw me try an inverted landing with the high wing Tundra. Beautiful STOL landing. Came to a dead stop...

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